Gumroad piracy

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Gumroad piracy

The makers of these images are furious that internet denizens are putting their livelihoods in jeopardy to score free porn. Party has been around since July,but has picked up speed exponentially in recent weeks. How it works is simple. After scraping that content, the users or bots upload it onto Yiff.

gumroad piracy

In the span of 24 hours yesterday, Yiff. She noticed it on Tuesday, when a pledge to her account came up as fraudulent. And that was just the beginning. Party, anyone can access it without paying dues to Alice. Party say they were ignored. A furry porn artist who goes by Kadath says that Yiff. To defend against pirates, Kadath started vetting all of his pledgers, which he says was a lot of work.

Scrubbing his subscribers looking for anonymous users with no icons, numbers for usernames, hotmail usernames takes time out of his day he could spend making more art. He has routinely made less money than he anticipated because subscriptions tied to Yiff. Party pirates were charged back or fraudulent.

gumroad piracy

He added that Yiff. Party is accepting donations because he has a full-time job and works on the site in his spare time. That was an issue for Yiff. Earlier last year, they launched a feature that lets users who are already pledged to Patreon accounts share paywalled content. Users give Yiff. Party their login credentials and Yiff. When I posed that question to Yiff. Adri, another furry artist, is hurt less by the financial impact of Yiff.No Yes. Gift details:.

Mailed to:. Wallis and Futuna Western Sahara Zambia. Valid Thru.

E-Commerce Platform Gumroad Adds New Publishing Features, Says Some Authors Have Made $100K+

You'll need an account to access this in our app. Please create a password to continue. Customers also receive the Ultimate Daily when choosing the Top Package. Signing up for Top 5 Anti-Piracy Subscription You'll be able to cancel at any time. Full name.

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Your rental will be available for 30 days. Enter a password and we'll remember your credit card for next time. Good news! Since you already have a Gumroad account, it's also been added to your library. Forgot your password? Edit product. Your Cart. Cancel No Yes. Is this your street address? Yes, update Yes, it is. Card Number We do not keep any of your sensitive credit card information on file with us unless you ask us to after this purchase is complete.

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Thread starter curinda Start date Apr 23, 2dcg big ass big tits fantasy gay lesbian monster girl parody. Discussion Reviews 1. Feb 28, 1, 17, Overview : Sakimi Chan Patreon art collection. Spoiler 1- Extract to desired location. Last edited by a moderator: Apr 5, Sep 23, Reactions: DanMachiFan and Namco Oct 10, 1, This is what I call art, impressive work, very talented artist. Thanks for sharing. Reactions: DanMachiFanNamco15 and mesoru.

gumroad piracy

Onysko Active Member. Jun 5, 1, Reactions: NamcoForums New posts Trending Bookmarks. Latest Updates. Log in. New posts. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Question on yiff. Thread starter ermousa Start date Feb 26, Dec 17, 78 THis is a question threead, well I don't know where to ask anymore so I try to ask here.

Spoiler You must be registered to see the links. Spoiler considering it is a piracy forum. Aug 28, 17 Let me know if you find a way. Resorting to these email measures demonstrates that they are very protective of their content and will likely expend the effort it takes to keep their content off most pirate sites.

Really, you just have to hope that the content you are after is popular enough to become leaked and shared aggressively anyways. You can try to request something on pornbb. They have a hentai section. It may be a pipe dream, but, since you are a poor country, you probably need to band together with your countrymen to get anything done.

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Try to find a private regional hentai forum where it would be safe to talk about piracy. You would be able to pool your resources to come up with more than a few USD to buy the choice content for your group. In other words, you need a pirate crew to enjoy rarer spoils.

If you aren't this dedicated to being the pirate life, like most people would probably tell you, you will simply have to settle for all the other free porn that is floating around out there.

Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.Gumroadthe Kleiner Perkins-backed startup that allows you to sell anything through a simple link, is announcing some additions to its publishing program today, while also sharing some of its early success stories.

And as of today, Delk said there are a number of features that should make Gumroad more useful for authors. For one thing, the company has improved its analytics, allowing authors to see the conversion rates of different sources.

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Gumroad is also trying a different approach to preventing piracy. And if authors catch a typo in their book, they can now upload a corrected file without having to change any of their Gumroad download links.

Lastly, Gumroad is also changing its payment schedule, so that authors get paid on a rolling schedule every 14 days. Nathan Barry, for example, currently has less than 3, followers on Twitterand saw aboutvisits to his site in December — a significant audience, but not exactly Justin Bieber levels.

So I had to use it.

Question on Bypassing contents on Patreons and Gumroad?

And while Delk has some big ideas about changing publishing, Gumroad is working with traditionally published books too. With Gumroad we can gratify our readers immediately with the PDF of our book, and then send them the hardcover the week of our launch. If we can double-down on staying close to our readers AND leverage the professionalism that a publisher brings to the table in terms of packaging and mainstream offline distro, we should have a winner.File: Posting mode: Reply [Return] [Go to bottom].

Already archived: - Sleeping Ghost swfchan no. No adult content allowed, he just realized and suspended them himself before Gumroad did. Shin did not delete this one on Gumroad, lol. And it is better than before.

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Why not to make software atleast freeware or even better, open source? Look, many DLsites fetish projects are paid and paid and paid. This guy who put this on Gumroad and PixivBooth and unless DLsite itself, does the thing that isn't unique and cliche, by making the software paid hoping worth a money like the other DLsite makers do.

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Didn't you see what problem? Okay I can understand that these fetish can be overused and abused so making it paid could resist potential abuser to even considering buying it.

But now, this rule about resisting abuser should not be relevant anymore. Many people were hoping that they could get a way to pay those projects such as credit card.

Unfortunately, this thing contains huge responsibility and be allowed only to matures. If you misuse it, comes a depressing consequences. Okay, this been too complex for you.

gumroad piracy

The conclusion about this piracy condonation is because the account has all his project were paid and inaccessible unless with complex credit card the only option to pay beside of paypal or something Project we mean is that they are interactive, such as a game thing. Oh, he has a one unfinished concept and it is free to try until undefined release date of full development for certain price.

It is time to boycott Gumroad for rampant piracy

People spend money making things.Gumroad allows all types of creators to sell their work music, art, books, films, etc directly to their audiences. Gumroad is a platform that empowers artists, writers, musicians, and other creatives with the tools to sell products online. Rather than waiting around to be discovered, you can sell your work directly to your followers and fans. More importantly, you get to sell products without the hassle of setting up shopping carts and paying for an expensive e-commerce site.

You focus on creating music or your debut novel—Gumroad takes care of the rest. It's easy to set up an online shop and start selling your best work with Gumroad.

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Simply sign up for a Gumroad account to begin selling your work by clicking on the green Start selling button at the top menu. Click on Products link from the main menu and click the Add a product button to begin. Gumroad first prompts you to create either a digital or a physical product. If you intend to sell an ongoing series of comics, for example, a subscription will allow your customers to download and read for a monthly fee. If you plan on initiating a launch for your first product, it makes sense to set up a preorder so people participating in your launch will anticipate its release.

And if you've made the world's best iPhone case, you'll want an order form that asks for shipping info—something you wouldn't need if you're selling a new eBook. For physical products, you can specify product attributes such as size and color. When done, click Publish to launch your product on your Gumroad shop. You can then embed your product to any page on your website or insert a well-designed Buy button for customers to click and purchase your product without leaving your website.

Putting up a product is the easy part. Gumroad equips you with audience-building tools to help you grow your customer base and acquire new customers in the process. Gumroad's Audience page —a landing page that captures email addresses when someone signs up or follows you on Gumroad—is perfect for that. You can access and design your Audience page by clicking on Profile from the main menu, tweaking it to fit your branding. On the flip side, Workflows delivers time-sensitive email updates after a specific action takes place.

For example, you can create a Welcome workflow for visitors who sign up as a follower from your Audience page, or send a new series of emails when someone purchases your product to help them learn how to use it. Starting an e-commerce store is difficult and confusing, and typically you'll have to link a half-dozen different apps together to effectively engage your audience and make sure you products sell. Gumroad puts it all in one place, with cheap enough fees that you can still make a profit on your products, while building an audience at the same time.

Quickly sell digital downloads, subscriptions, physical goods, and pre-orders online. View sales, audience growth, and referrals on clear graphs and dashboards. Send email updates to customers from within the dashboard.

Grow your audience with a customizable landing page. PDF stamping to protect digital products from piracy. Share and sell products on social media, blogs, or email with custom product links. Get started with a Free account. Apps Gumroad. Gumroad eCommerce Categories. Work Email Required.


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