Tujhse hai raabta serial 18 june

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Tujhse hai raabta serial 18 june

Be it her funny and quirky solutions or her romance with her husband AJ, the serial has kept audiences glued to the screens. If you are a fan of the serial, here is another amazing serial that you will like to binge on. Tujhse Hai Raabta is a serial about the life of Kalyani and her husband Malhar. Despite a rough start, their love story is interesting and worth watching.

Not convinced yet? Here are 4 reasons why you will love watching the serial Tujhse Hai Raabta:. Guddan and AJ have been a unique couple, unlike the norms of regular serials. There is a big age difference between them, however, it has never come in the way of their relationship.

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They have been a loving and understanding couple. Similar to them, Kalyani and Malhar also have a significant age-difference, yet, they are pure CoupleGoals. Apne apnon se Raabta aur badhaaiye, lockdown ke baad hi baahar jaaiye! A common trait between Guddan and Kalyani is their bold personality.

Irrespective of any adversity or problem, they are always ready to fight for their loved ones. This is what makes them admired by the audience.

Similarly, the heroes of both serials are role models when it comes to being gentlemen. AJ is a very classy person who respects the decisions taken by Guddan and always supports her. Similarly, Malhar is a very understanding husband and a good friend always looking out for his wife and family. The true traits of a gentleman indeed!

Despite their strong personalities, Guddan and Kalyani are very sweet and caring daughters-in-law to their respective families. They ensure the well-being of every single family member and tend to all their needs with attention and love. The amount of joy and empathy towards their family is commendable and inspiring.

Irrespective of the scenario or problem, the entire family comes together to help each other and that sets a good example for us to follow. In many scenarios, Guddan has helped AJ and other family members without a care for her own life. This shows her love for her family. This is exactly what you see in Kalyani as well.The Episode starts with Malhar falling on Kalyani and they have an eye lock.

Anupriya asks why she is silent. Kalyani tells about the hand cuff and tells that whenever freedom fighters go to jail then they will have hand cuff in their hand. Anupriya says it will not come in exam. Kalyani says it will come and asks her to study. She teaches her on call. Malhar feels sleepy and lie down on bed. Kalyani asks him to get up. Malhar says I am sitting here, who said I am sleeping. He rests his head on her shoulder when he gets sleep. Anupriya stands up and says she was scared.

She says I will make tea for us.

Tujhse Hai Raabta 18th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Malhar Makes Kalyani Study For Exam

Kalyani says I will make tea and asks her to study. She asks Malhar to open the handcuff as she wants to make tea for her Aai. Malhar says I will make and asks her to pick her book and come to kitchen.

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They go to kitchen. Kalyani reads about the Gandhi ji. Malhar explains to her about the britishers keeping the Indian in jail and tells about the Rowlatt Act. Kalyani asks if he knows everything. He says when he was having his IPS entrance, he went to temple and prayed to make me pass. Kalyani asks which is that temple and asks him to tell, says she will also go there.

He adds tea leaves in the water and keeps it on stove. Kalyani asks him not to add more. He teaches her till the tea is ready and share some good moments. Shayad yehi hai pyaar plays….

Sampada sees them and gets upset. She comes to Atharv and says Malhar is celebrating his wedding night, teaching Kalyani and will make her get admit card. Atharv asks her to let him concentrate on Kalyani, atleast he will not think about Mugdha. Sampada gets tensed. Atharv laughs and says Malhar Rane got married to kalyani twice and is teaching her history on wedding night. His destiny is bad, he lost his son and now teaching his wife. Anupriya says such husband gets due to good luck and says he loves her so much and teaching her to make her pass.

Atharv gets up and says I will see how he will get her admit card. Malhar and Kalyani come to room. Kalyani calls Anupriya and asks her to come to room to take tea.

The electricity goes. Kalyani tells that she will bring candle. They argue. Anupriya lights the diyas and asks her to study. Kalyani says you are feeling sleepy and asks her to drink tea.Kalyani asks who are you to judge my love for Billu.

Kalyani recalls telling Malhar that he will punish herself to punish him. She removes her sandal and is about to put her foot on the burning coal when Malhar brings water pipe and puts water on the burning coal.

Aao Saheb and Aparna are angry. Atharv comes there and claps, says husband and wife came together and drama is happening. You have seen many dreams and will regret.

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She has burnt our relation with her hand. Kalyani cries. Malhar says I know you are worried for Kalyani…and calls him baba. Atul warns him not to call him baba.

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Malhar says Kalyani will fulfill all your dreams, it is my promise. She will study and will make your name famous. Malhar tells Sarthak that Kalyani is upset with him.

He says we will get back Moksh anyhow, we have to reach Mugdha. Atharv brings Moksh in the toy car Lamborghini and tells that his destiny is sparkled after coming to him. He laughs. Sarthak tells Malhar that it would have been good if someone could buy intelligence with the money which he has. Atharv takes Moksh with him. Kalyani is dancing in the room keeping high music.

Malhar comes there and switches off the music system. He says did you came to room to dance and asks him to study and have food. Kalyani switches on the music system. Malhar switches it off and reminds of his promise to Atul. Kalyani says did you ask me before promising. She says I will not study. She says my Billu went to them and you want me to start normal life. She says she is not scared of him.

Malhar asks her not to force him to become strict with her.

Tujhse Hai Raabta - Spoiler Alert - 18 June 2019 - Watch Full Episode On ZEE5 - Episode 215

Kalyani says she is not scared of him and climbs on the bed. She gets hit on her hand and her hand starts bleeding. Malhar makes her sit and asks her to understand that if you had married Atharv then want would have happen to him.

Tujhse Hai Raabta 17 June 2019 Preview: Kalyani to punish herself

He gets ointment for her. Kalyani puts on salt on the hand. He asks if she has gone mad? Kalyani says this is punishment of your mistake. Malhar says it is enough of your drama and handcuffs her. She asks him to get the keys. Kalyani says she will shout and complain to Aai. Malhar says I will tell Maai.You can change your city from here. We serve personalized stories based on the selected city. Run fame Krishna gets nostalgic as he shares throwback pictures from his childhood and teenage; see post.

From making Dalgona coffee to parotta, Kabani actor Ranjith is honing his culinary skills during the lockdown; take a look. Exclusive- I believe a strong villain adds value to the story, says Mangala Gowri Madve fame Shaurya.

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tujhse hai raabta serial 18 june

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 18 June 2019 Written Update – You Realize Your Mistake

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tujhse hai raabta serial 18 june

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Modern Family star Julie Bowen: It's not a kind business to women over She says we have chosen that nothing is more to us than Billu and asks how could he overlook?

Anupriya discloses to Atul that Atharv was tricking him for numerous days. Sarthak comes there. Atul blows upon him.

Atul inquires as to for what reason did you come to the room when a couple is talking. He says you may have thought Anupriya yours in your heart. Anupriya says Atul. Sarthak says you are offending us. Sarthak says you are fortunate to get spouse like Anupriya and little girl as Kalyani. Aao Saheb reveals to Aparna that they will give the stuff to individuals.

The specialist asks how is Moksh? Aao Saheb says the infant endured as a result of Kalyani and Malhar and says they will have returned child to Sampada that time. She says Kalyani made them feel embarrassed in front of resident and wedded Malhar when she should wed Atharv. She says Kalyani is an awful mother.

Aparna says Kalyani is his progression mother, yet why Malhar has left his child.

Tujhse Hai Raabta 21st June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sarthak Tries To Take Anupriya To College

They address insult Kalyani who is staying there. Kalyani gets up indignantly and kicks on consuming coal stove. The consuming coal falls close to Aao Saheb and Aparna. Aao Saheb asks have you gone distraught? Kalyani says my certainty is harmed, however not broken. She reveals to Aparna that she realizes what will occur in the event that she is incited.The Episode starts with Atul telling Kalyani that as she has broken her promise to marry Atharv, he will not divorce Anupriya and she has to stay as his wife all life.

Anupriya is shocked. Atul says I had promised Kalyani that I will give you divorce and free you if she marries Atharv, now she has broken her promise.

Kalyani says Papa. I have no relation with you now and says I will not divorce Anupriya even if Sarthak or you file case against me.

Anupriya cries badly. She is about to pour gangajal on her head. Atharv comes there and stops her.

tujhse hai raabta serial 18 june

Aao Saheb thanks him for his help and goes. Sampada asks Atharv why he wants to get in their matter. He says we will go from here and will live our life with Moksh. Atharv says it is not that easy. He says Malhar will search Kalyani. He says we have to keep eye on Malhar and Kalyani. Sampada comes to room and is happy that her son is with her. Atharv comes and holds her romantically. He says I will get your divorce done. She moves away.

Sampada sees the Pram empty and comes to Kalyani. She hears Kalyani talking. She thinks Kalyani is talking to Moksh. She questions her.The Episode begins with Atul preventing Anupriya from going with Sarthak and says I will likewise accompany you. Malhar says Aai will compose the test and calls Rao. He helps him to remember the case no. Kalyani asks what is that case. Sarthak, Anupriya and Atul go to the Police station. Rao inquires as to whether they come to enrolled the announcement and requests that they go.

tujhse hai raabta serial 18 june

He prevents Atul from going with them. Atul says I am her better half. Rao says we realize how is your connection with Atharv, on the off chance that you drive her to give wrong proclamation, at that point. Kalyani gets some information about the case no Malhar inquires as to why she needs to know and says Aai will come to compose test. Kalyani says she has a plan to open this bind and says she generally has Plan B prepared. Malhar requests that her determine what is Plan B.

Kalyani says did you inform me regarding the case no. Malhar demands her to tell. Key says you can compose the test with your better half and says bechare. Malhar is astounded. Key goes. Malhar composes the letter and inquires as to whether I have dementia, memory misfortune as I fell in the washroom and asks who is this Doctor MMR. Malhar says dementia occurs in maturity and inquires as to whether she knows.

Kalyani says you are senior than me in age. Malhar inquires as to why she needs to express dependably that he is a lot senior than her. He says you would have informed that I had thumped a few goons and hurt myself. Key returns to lodge.

Kalyani discloses to Malhar that today is her test and Principal allowed her to compose test with him. Sarthak yells at her and says you will compose the test. Rao goes to see Atul. Sarthak apologizes to Anupriya. Rao discloses to Atul that he will send tea for him. Dheeraj says I clicked his pic as Principal said that he has a memory misfortune illness and he thought to course his pic via web-based networking media so that on the off chance that he overlooks the way, at that point somebody will drop him.

Kalyani expresses gratitude toward him for his attentive assistance. Simply then ironsmith comes there and tells that he is sent by Pawar. He says he will break the bind.


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